A Few Updates

Well, I have completed my first for the Phantom.   As I said in a previous comment, he just wanted a banana…delivered to Alaska.  He included a voucher for the postage, it’s just rather…odd. I mean, I’ve tried to imagine what possible purpose he could have for this. Judging by the time it would take for the package to arrive, the fruit will have spoilt by the time it arrives. Most confusing.  Still, there’s no point in complaining.  If I do this enough  he says he’ll give me support, so I might as well indulge him.

Also, an update on my Craigslist ad.  So far there have been no real responses.  In truth, I became soured to the idea after your comments, dear readers.  There are better places to find companionship.  Like here, for example.  Just posting these and finally getting comments has really made me appreciate you guys: QXZenith, Bug, Finch, Yankee White, Zup, and all the others who’ve given me such kind and encouraging words.  Every new comment fills me with joie de vivre.

Things can only get better.

12 Responses to “A Few Updates”

  1. QXZenith Says:

    I’m… a little concerned that you mailed the banana. I know it seems harmless, but we are in way over our heads with this guy. Could you please maybe email me the address he told you to mail it to, on the off chance that I can figure out why he wanted it there and how this is beneficial for him/ dangerous for others?

    In other news, I’m… sorry I was right about Craigslist. But I’m totally in your corner! I’m really glad my comments are playing a part in your joie de vivre!

    Appreciating every update,

  2. H Says:

    I think your play is wonderful. You’re right, Craigslist isn’t the place for you. Out of interest, where in Alaska did you mail it to?

  3. H Says:

    Incidentally, your cat really is lovely.

  4. H Says:

    What were some of the other errands you were asked to do? If you wish, we could assist in the production of the play in question. Is there any provision within the e-mail to meet or contact this ‘Phantom’?

  5. The Finch Says:

    Why thank you, Adam!

    It’s always nice to hear that a brilliant playwright understands and cares for his fans.

  6. Zup Says:

    Looking forward to hearing more about your creative works. I love your creativity!

  7. theimprobableone Says:

    I’m sorry to hear the Craigslist thing didn’t work out, but I can’t say I’m surprised. Still, it’s good to know that those of us commenting here are doing you some good. :)

    As for your errands, I am concerned that this will all end badly somehow. However, I trust you to exercise your best judgement and act with caution. You’ve heard what we have to say, and I’m sure you will make the best decisions you can.

  8. H Says:

    You are very intelligent indeed. I hope you try to use your own judgement relating to this Phantom. You will be considered in the league of Ibsen, Brecht and Marlowe

  9. H Says:

    One day.

  10. fm Says:

    As always, thank you for your kind words. I’m working on the other scenes as I type this. Hopefully the phantom will come through on his end of the deal. I’ve got goosebumps just thinking about it!

  11. Yankee White Says:

    Thanks for the shout-out FM! I’ve been telling my friends all about you too.
    If all the tasks from phantom are this easy you’re well on your way to being a produced playwright!

  12. Bug Says:

    We’re flattered :) We really enjoy talking with you too.