Pardon my silence, but THIS HAPPENED!

“Funds have been deposited to your account.  A special deposit was also made in your name with explicit instructions to begin production immediately.”

The Phantom came through.  He actually came through.   Oh friends, when I received the news, I could hardly contain myself.  My heart was all aflutter, my heart palpitating.  Oh friends, I set to work immediately.  My bosses at the playhouse were more than ecstatic.  The Phantom’s capital, it seems, has proved quite the windfall for them as well.  We’ve been working ’round the clock since last I wrote.

The following may be somewhat difficult to follow, but please bear with me. Staging this play has been a harrowing experience, but immensely satisfying. It’s difficult to explain, a kind of brutal, choking sensation, of seeing my word, MY WORDS, being spoken aloud, by beautiful voices emanating from beautiful people.
Oh, it’s quite unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. They say that musicians often feel a sort of connection to their work more intimate than any other. It supersedes children, lovers, and strikes at the very heart of being. I’m no musician (though I might pick up an instrument in the future), but I feel that now that I might have an understanding of that feeling. Maybe this is the feeling an artist has of their creation, or at least, the feeling an artist should have.
I feel proud in my work, and of myself for actually seeing it done. That’s not something I can say too often, at least not out loud. Sometimes I feel this is all a delicate dream, one that I will wake from at any moment, and all I have will be lost. It’s a terrible feeling, this sense of dread, and I can’t help but feel it lingering over me like some grim spectre, or perhaps a revenant.
Either way, it’s been a whirlwind of emotions for me. The hours have been long and my nights have been sleepless, and more than once I almost lost control over myself. That was the hardest part, controlling myself. It’s odd for people to be ignoring me one day, then obeying my orders and stage directions the next. What an interesting sensation, this power is. I think I like it. Either way, my next post should concern the actual staging.

Smiley Face =) (Sandy taught me that one)

7 Responses to “Pardon my silence, but THIS HAPPENED!”

  1. QXZenith Says:

    Dear Adam,

    I am so excited for you, and eager to see your play finally make it to the stage!

    However, every bit of good news has, well, the grain of salt it should be taken with.

    After your last couple posts, as you know, I began to get a little worried for you.
    I did a little digging on the Phantom, and discovered that he is one and the same as Richard Leroux, who recently wrote and produced his own Broadway musical, A Shadow Under the Ice.

    Reading an article I found about the musical’s premiere, I thought it was very strange that someone should arrive on the scene so suddenly, and produce such a big-budget performance in such a short time.

    So I did a little more digging.

    Leroux comes from very far away– another world, you might even say– so the reports I got were a little difficult to pin down.
    What I know for sure, though, is this: If I am right, where he came from, he was known to be very dangerous, very violent– and very jealous toward perceived rivals.
    He has gone as far as threats, sabotage, and even murder, just to ensure that his work be performed over another, and performed exactly to his specifications.

    Your writing is good, Adam; but if that makes Leroux see you as his rival, then perhaps it is too good.
    He says he wants to produce your play; I worry that what he wants is just the opposite.

    Use your own judgement; but tread carefully. If you continue to deal with Leroux– that is, the Phantom– be ever cautious of him, and do not underestimate him.

    I will try to get firmer confirmation about Leroux’s identity and past misdeeds; but until I do, I fear for both your art and your life.

    Warm wishes,

  2. fm Says:

    Be that as it may, I still wouldn’t have been able to ignore his offer. Fortune favors the bold, after all. I have racked my brain for a possible way the Phantom might try to undermine my efforts or somehow bring ruin upon my head. He has been nothing but courteous, and though I believe you QXZenith, I can only ask that you trust me.

    I will be cautious. If he is as unstable as you say, then I will most certainly keep my wits about me. I fear neither threats nor assassins, and I will not be terrorized.

  3. Bug Says:

    …I have to be honest with you, Adam this… does seem a little suspicious.

    I mean frankly I’m not surprised he recognized your talent but to move THAT quickly? Most authors wait WEEKS for their play to even be seen by higher ups, much less funded to such a degree, and I’ve been looking up that name… I’m not sure I like what this guy seems to be capable of.

    We trust you Adam, and we can’t blame you for taking this oppertunity, but please be careful. In the world such huge things arer rarely granted without ulterior motive.

    All the same, hope this play goes well for you :) …any chance of it hitting the UK? ;)

  4. fishtowater Says:

    I hope that everything ends happily for you. :)

  5. Genndy Oda C.O.G. Says:

    Good sir, if I may make a request, when do you think your play will be put on? I’ll be visiting Chicago soon, and I’d like to see it brought to fruition.
    Genndy Oda C.O.G.

  6. H Says:

    Dear Adam,
    This article displays an article definitely linked to ‘the Phantom’:

    Make of it what you will. Can you share any further tasks?
    Furthermore, can you contact the Phantom back?

  7. H Says:

    I hope that you will post further excerpts of his play, incidentally.