Shelley is hiding behind the couch. ¬†She won’t come out to see me. ¬†There are many broken bits of furniture scattered about the room.

I am lost.

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  1. Genndy Oda C.O.G. Says:

    Might I suggest luring her out with food? Also, good kuck with restoring your furniture to its former state.

  2. WackyMPractical Says:

    Toys. Get her some toys. My cats could always be lured out from their hiding spots whenever I wave a certain ribbon around. They love it. Try different things. Find something that she loves. And then play. Give her rubs and let her know that you’re okay, and not a scary monster.

    If that doesn’t work, just give her time. Cats like to keep to themselves sometimes, but will eventually demand your attention again. That’s just how cats work. Try acting calm and friendly around her, so she can feel safe enough to come out.

  3. theimprobableone Says:

    Be patient. Leave food out for her and leave her alone for a day or two. It may take some time to regain her trust.

  4. Bug Says:

    Shelley might need a while to calm down. Cats are naturally wary creatures and she was frightened.

    What happened? Did someone break into your house? Or were you just still angry with that jerk of a critic? If it’s the former, please call the police, if it’s the latter please be calm. You aren’t lost, Adam. You’re upset.

  5. QXZenith Says:

    Don’t worry about it, Adam. Cats are temperamental, but selfish; once she realizes you have something she wants– whether food, toys, companionship, etc.– Shelley will forget all about being mad at you.

    Some of the above suggestions are probably good; I know I always got my neighbours’ cat, who otherwise refused to acknowledge my existence, on my good side by sitting really still, with nothing on my lap, until she couldn’t resist climbing onto me to rest and be petted.

    Relax. Things are never as bad as they seem.

    Best wishes,

  6. Dryunya Says:

    Just don’t make her the center of your attention, it will make her nervous. Leave food and water in a place she can see, and leave her for a while.
    It’s not easy to earn a cat’s trust. Try not to scare her anymore.